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What You NEED To Know About Teeth Whitening Products!

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Mouth and teeth before and after whitening

Are you suffering from a dull smile that lacks luster? Years of wear and tear can cause your teeth to accumulate stains that can make your smile less than desirable. Drinks such as tea, coffee, and wine can cause discoloration as well.



So what options do we have on whitening your pearly whites?


If you are considering enhancing your smile with teeth whitening products, you also need to make sure that it will be safe for you and your dental health. There are many ways to whiten your teeth, such as whitening strips, mouthwashes, whitening toothpaste, laser teeth whitening, bleaching gels, and trays as well as home remedies.


But are they safe?


Is It Bad To Bleach Your Teeth?


All whitening options include products with hydrogen peroxide in it. If the product is being formulated specifically for the teeth whitening, it means it contains safe amounts and levels of hydrogen peroxide. Using the product by instructions and as directed, won’t cause any damage to your teeth.




What’s the deal with whitening toothpaste?


Whitening toothpaste is a safe option to whiten your teeth. Depending on the ingredients of the toothpaste, some of the toothpaste can not only bleach your teeth but even strengthen them. They are able to rebuild and strengthen weakened enamel and can even remove up to 90% of stains on the tooth surface!


How does it work? The ingredient carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, with hydrogen peroxide being the active bleaching agent that whitens your teeth.


Beware of brushing your teeth too hard in an attempt to whiten them. Brushing too briskly can remove your natural enamel and cause gum inflammation.


What about Whitestrips?


Whitestrips are a way more affordable option for teeth whitening. Whitestrips contains a safe amount of hydrogen peroxide, which is used in professional teeth whitening sessions too. Initially, whitestrips can cause tooth sensitivity or discomfort in the gum area. However, those symptoms are temporary and don’t have any negative long-term effects on the teeth. Another downfall is that they can have ill fitting tray that are clunky and uncomfortable.


Professional Teeth Whitening


Many patients want quick and immediate results from teeth whitening. In that case, they choose professional in-office teeth whitening performed at by a dentist.


You know what they say; if you want something done right the first time, get a professional! The results are fast and dramatic, due to professional grade ingredients used in the whitening gel. If you have gum disease or a lot of cavities, try to consult with your dentist first, before beginning the teeth whitening process. Your dentist will be able to recommend you the best teeth whitening option for your individual case.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to visit us at Ocean Breeze Dental. You can schedule your appointment for teeth whitening by calling us: (310) 578-2500.