Dental Crowns Marina del Rey

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are essentially prosthetics that replace missing teeth. There are a number of reasons why a dentist may recommend a dental crown restoration. The most common reason why patients receive crowns is because they need to replace a completely missing tooth. In other cases, the tooth has decayed to a point where fillings will no longer effectively restore the tooth’s functionality. Whatever your reason for needing dental crowns is, Dr. Konviser will thoroughly discuss your options with you.

There are a variety of dental crowns available

Stainless Steel - These crowns are used to temporarily protect the patient’s teeth. Stainless steels crowns are also used on children who are waiting for their adult teeth to come in. When the child’s teeth come in, the crown falls out naturally, like an ordinary tooth.

Metal Crowns - The least desirable trait of these crowns is that they aren’t aesthetically appealing. However, they are very durable compared to porcelain or resin crowns. Because of this, they are best utilized as molars. Molar teeth experience more pressure and stress than other teeth. Additionally, these teeth are much harder to see, even when a person smiles, so their metallic sheen doesn’t stand out.

Porcelain Fused Crowns - These are crowns which have been bonded to metal alloys to improve their strength and durability. Many patients opt for these crowns because they they resemble natural teeth so well, that it is almost impossible to discern them from natural ones. When patients choose these crowns, they can be accurately color matched so that neighboring teeth will be the same shade.


The procedure involved in receiving a dental crown is usually a two step process, granted you have already been approved for the treatment. On your first visit, Dr. Konviser may take x-rays. He will start the process by prepping the tooth to receive the crown. The doctor will likely provide a local anesthetic to numb the sensations around the tooth. Then, depending on the state of the tooth, the doctor will file or add dental material to the tooth so that it can properly seat the crown. Lastly, the doctor will taken an impression or scan and use a temporary cement to bond a temporary crown to the tooth.

On your second visit, will make sure that the permanent crown is a good fit for your teeth and a good match for your smile. If everything is in order, Dr. Konviser will remove your temporary crown and cement on your brand new one!

If you have any other questions about crowns, treatments, billing options, etc. Feel free to give us a call!